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Exhibition Shots, July 2010

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Outside of the gallery and the entrance, Sacramento, CA. The gallery entrance in Sacramento. A full gallery reception. Night Nest Art Exhibit, Sacramento, CA. The painting is 'Dreaming in the Dark' with viewers gathered around. Artist, Margaret Welty, talks about her work with collectors. Artist, Margaret Welty, talks about her work with collectors.

Talking with Jonathan Hose. Gallery shot—'Ringgold Creek,' 2010. Viewers consider the drawings. Artist, Geoff Boyd and Margaret Welty discuss one of Margaret's paintings. Margaret Welty with artist and student, Emmanuel Archuleta with 'Feathered Nest.' Margaret Welty with Stephan Shelly, a student from her first art class that she taught at Sunny Hills High School in Orange County. The painting is 'Red Rose Nest at Night.'

How we are Held Between Heaven and Earth in the Night

“Try imagining a place where it's always safe and warm
‘Come in … I'll give you shelter from the storm’.”
Bob Dylan

My work points to where we go to rest and sleep in the time between
the last light of day and the early light of morning.

The imagery in my paintings and drawings comes from such nesting metaphors
as incubation, transformation, birth and flight.
Spiraling motion and density have their own play within my work as well.

Looking at nests as a compilation of all things collected and built—their structure, form and shape are our own original and transitioning assemblage.
Our nests form our safe night space from which we can emerge each day anew.

I have constructed conceptual, abstracted NESTS in paint and drawing media.
In a more or less literal sense I have also included natural brush,
landscape and the waters of rivers and streams.

It is my feeling that where we, “lay me down to sleep,” is crucial to
our dreaming, growth, power and expression.

The imagery of the nest creates an encircling space that supports, cradles and revives.

Night Nest is a place to connect, create and dream in the dark.

Margaret Welty
July 2010
Union Hall Gallery
Sacramento, California

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